Protect the World ORT Presence in St. Petersburg

Pam was THIS old when she went to her first ORT meeting.
Pam was THIS old when she went to her first ORT meeting.

Chai to Pam at 50!

Phantastic Philanthropic Team Members!

Let's raise more than $18,000 in honor of Pamela Klier-Weidner's 50th birthday. This woman never asks for birthday gifts, but she's tirelessly passionate about ORT and raising enough money to keep crucial programming alive at the de Gunzburg School in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This flagship innovative school paves the way for so many students. Without enough funding, the most important programming will be lost.

ORT America helps more than 300,000 students in over 50+ countries worldwide by literally changing lives through education.

And if Pam's 50th birthday and the urgent funding required isn't enough incentive, do it for Pam's Mom who was deeply involved in ORT when Pam was a wee one almost 50 years ago. Keep the legacy going for the awesome Lois Klier!

We are asking for $18. That's it! In Hebrew, the related word chaya means "life" or "long life", and is derived from the Hebrew word chai (), meaning "life". Jews often give gifts and donations in multiples of 18, which is called "giving chai"

Of course, if people want to give double chai, triple chai, or 50 chai, fantastic! Our primary request is $18 which a lot of folks can feel really good about.

Thank you for your help! Now let's raise some URGENT FUNDS!

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