Protect the World ORT Presence in St. Petersburg

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The vital STEM program at the de Gunzburg School in St. Petersburg needs your help.

The near exhaustion of World ORT funds for its Network schools in the former Soviet Union is resulting in a crisis for its STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) initiative in the de Gunzburg School in St. Petersburg, Russia. Without donor support, World ORT will be unable to operate its program in this important flagship school, where the curriculum includes humanistic values and Jewish studies to connect students and families with their heritage.

Over 450 students of all ages attend the de Gunzburg School, chosen by their parents specifically for its quality instruction and substantial Jewish education thanks to World ORT. Without immediate financial support, this school will cease to be part of the World ORT Educational Network, spelling the end of enrollment of Jewish students whose parents are drawn to its academic excellence, important Jewish content, individualized and project-based learning, collaborative projects, international connections, and family involvement. But your gift of $1,100 can help save this STEM program by supporting a student for two years.

The de Gunzburg School has had a key role in St. Petersburg since it opened in 1993, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. Thanks to World ORT involvement and its robust curriculum of secular and Jewish subjects, the school has reconnected many eager students in the area with their Jewish lineage and traditions, and has been an outstanding foundation for higher education and future career planning.

Your help will enable the de Gunzburg School to maintain the World ORT presence and forge ahead with the STEM program, adding tremendous educational value to the St. Petersburg Jewish population and protecting Jewish identity and culture. Please show your solidarity with this community and give today to this very worthwhile campaign.

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